Running Log — 0002

Total lifetime tracked distance: 106 KM

Today’s run: 4 KM

Today was my first day back training after taking a few days off to let my body reset from the past month of running workouts. I decided that a track workout would be the best place to ease myself back into my running. With that in mind, I ventured down to my local track.

In my limited experience of running, I have watched a few YouTube videos describing the types of workouts. One type that caught my eye is something called “repeats”. 

With this concept in place, I planned my workout as followed:

1 x 400 metres at a relaxed pace

6 x 400 metres at increased effort for each rep (30 seconds rest in between)

1 x 800 metres at final effort pace from the last repeat

1 x 400 cool down at relaxed pace from the start

So, how did I fare? Well, I think I had an excellent workout and made some progression in my running form. Here are my times for the 400-metre repeats:

  1. 150 seconds (relaxed pace)
  2. 130 seconds (first repeat)
  3. 127 seconds (second repeat)
  4. 121 seconds (third repeat)
  5. 115 seconds (fourth repeat)
  6. 107 seconds (fifth repeat)
  7. 99 seconds (final repeat for the 400 distance)
  8. 97 seconds (first lap of my 800-metre rep)
  9. 109 seconds (second lap of my 800-metre rep)
  10. 140 seconds (cool down lap)

As I progressed through the workout, I was shockingly surprised that I was able to speed up my pace consistently (besides the last two laps…). 

It felt incredible to be back on my feet, pushing myself and working towards becoming better.

I am planning on joining a running club that also offers coaching. Hopefully this will only increase my motivation levels!

Just one foot after the other, day after day.

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