Integrating your passions into your wardrobe

In the past few months, I have found a new passion. As great as this is, I find that I struggle not to let it consume all of my time. It is all I can think about, and I see its influence throughout my life.

The most apparent change is my daily choice of clothing. For the longest time, my daily ‘uniform’ consisted of selvedge denim and a simple t-shirt (plus layering depending on weather). This may sound simple, but, I like to think I focused heavily on the fit and quality of each item, which elevated the look.

Now, my daily wardrobe would best be described as “athleisure”. Running and fitness have pushed out tailored trousers. Tapered running pants or shorts made out of a material that may be well suited for the next moon landing are now the first choices.

Finding a balance is something that I want to do, as I have spent many years cultivating the image of being well dressed among my friend group, but, I do not want to wear clothes that do not interest me as much.

In my mind, I have found a solution. The solution is to find pieces that can easily throw down in a workout, but, when matched with more lifestyle-focused pieces, they look coherent.

Here are a few examples:

The session shorts paired with a matching Van Cortlandt long sleeve tee. All made by Tracksmith

These two pieces give off excellent retro vibes while maintaining the technical requirements that you want when pushing yourself on a tough workout. The entire Tracksmith lineup is wonderful, and I fully intend on adding some of their pieces to my wardrobe in the future.

The Nike React Infinity Run BRS Collection

The Nike React Infinity Run is a shoe that I personally have in my collection. They are incredibly comfortable and can take you from your early morning jog, right to the brunch table with friends on Sunday morning. A clean, limited edition colourway will help you stand out from the pack and show that you care about what your shoes look like, not just their performance.

The Nike sportswear tech pack wind runner jacket

This next piece is one that has caught my eye for a long time. It blends sport, fashion, and practicality all into one. This rain jacket would not be used during any of your workouts, but, is perfect for the pre-workout and post-workout journeys.

Your wardrobe is how you present yourself to the world. Take the time to create that presentation.

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