Running log — 0006 — a slow day

Total lifetime tracked distance: 128 KM

Todays workout: 4.35 KM

Today’s shoes: The Nike Zoom Rival Fly

In every sport that I have played, the basic concept of improving meant practising at game speed as often as possible. Sure, there were rest days, but, on days you were practising, you either outworked the person next to you, or you didn’t improve as much as they did.

In running, however, I have found that the basics of improvement are not so simple. If you were to push yourself at your max pace every single day, you would quickly burn out, and most likely experience some injuries.

Due to this change in training philosophy, I have admittedly struggled to do the slow days, and not push my body to go too fast. My goal pace for the easy run is around 5:50-6:00/KM, but, on the majority of my slow runs, I have hovered around the 5:35-5:45/KM pace.

Maybe I am making huge improvements already, and my easy pace has quickened.

How big have your summer improvements been this year?

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