Running log — 0007 — Progression run

Total lifetime tracked distance: 133 KM

Session distance: 5 KM

As is my new schedule, Tuesdays and Saturdays are reserved (in small sections) for training with the running club that I joined just a few weeks ago. These logs are often posted the next day after the workout, and this is one of those cases. So, this workout took place on Saturday, July 11th.

For this workout, we were instructed to do a 25-minute progression run. Every 5 minutes, we would speed up by 5-10 seconds per KM. If done correctly, your pace would differentiate by about 50 seconds per KM, which is quite a big difference, considering the distance you’d be covering.

Before we started, I decided to do a slightly longer warm-up, as my ankle was feeling a bit tender and could feel that it needed a bit more time to wake up (I got to the park where we run at around 6:55 AM). This was one of the first warm-ups I have had where I felt like it helped energize my muscles instead of depleting them (I’ll try the same warm-up for my next workout and see if it has the same effect).

The mist had rolled in by this point. The air was extremely heavy and wet. I took one last sip of water before I walked over to the starting area to meet up with my group for the day. Here is how the run went:

5-minutes X 5:32/KM (0.90 KM ran)
5-minutes X 5:23/KM (0.93 KM ran)
5-minutes X 5:08/KM (0.98 KM ran)
5-minutes X 5:11/KM (0.97 KM ran) (failed this rep as it was mostly uphill)
5:17-minutes X 4:58/KM (1.07 KM ran)
40 seconds X 4:21/KM (0.16 KM ran) to finish at the 5 KM mark.

After this, we did 6 X 10-second hill sprints to open up the legs and work on our running form. From what I have seen online, many distance runners hate doing speed work, but, I personally really enjoy it.

The mind of a champion does not turn off and on; it is constantly on, and nothing but death will stop it.

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