Running Log — 0004 — If it doesn’t hurt, you aren’t working hard enough.

I never quite understood how elite athletes pushed their physical limits every single day. I understood the mentality, but, actually going through with it? That felt so very foreign. That was until I truly started pushing myself. It started just a few days ago. I thought I had pushed myself as hard as I could, [...]

Running Log — 0003 — New PB

Total lifetime tracked distance: 111 KM Today's run: 7 KM As you may remember from running log -- 0002, I mentioned that I was looking into joining a local running club. Well, I decided that I needed to increase my level of accountability with my running, and joining a club was exactly what I needed. [...]

Running Log — 0002

Total lifetime tracked distance: 106 KM Today's run: 4 KM Today was my first day back training after taking a few days off to let my body reset from the past month of running workouts. I decided that a track workout would be the best place to ease myself back into my running. With that [...]

Notes from the BPL Return

As the British Premier League returned to action this past week after the pandemic enforced break, some fans may have noticed a few things. This is what I have noticed. Some of these changes are more apparent than others. Many people have already spoken on the absence of fans, so, I won't say much on [...]

Running Log — 0001

June 23, 2020 Total lifetime tracked distance: 102 km Today's Run: 2.8 KM Although this is the first running log I will be posting, this is not the first run that I have gone on. In the past five weeks, I have run a total of 102 kilometres (about 64 miles). I am not an [...]

Investment Strategies: Value Investing

For many new investors, creating a strategy is the most challenging step in starting your investment journey. Well, I have a solution for you, value investing. This strategy won't make you rich fast, but it will make you rich slow. Photo by Josh Willink on Now, I may lose a few readers at this [...]

The quiet hero of investing: Dividends

Many new investors that start buying stocks think that the only way to earn money on the stock market is by buying and selling shares. Although that is one of the primary ways of earning money on the stock market, there is a secondary tool that, if used correctly, can exponentially grow your money on [...]