Running log — 0007 — Progression run

Total lifetime tracked distance: 133 KM Session distance: 5 KM As is my new schedule, Tuesdays and Saturdays are reserved (in small sections) for training with the running club that I joined just a few weeks ago. These logs are often posted the next day after the workout, and this is one of those cases. [...]

Running log — 0006 — a slow day

Total lifetime tracked distance: 128 KM Todays workout: 4.35 KM Today's shoes: The Nike Zoom Rival Fly In every sport that I have played, the basic concept of improving meant practising at game speed as often as possible. Sure, there were rest days, but, on days you were practising, you either outworked the person next [...]

Running Log — 0005 — The Fartlek

Total lifetime tracked distance: 123 KM Today's run: 1.55 KM warmup + 5 KM Fartlek + 5 strides = 7KM Shoes Worn: Nike Zoom Fly SP Fast As my running journey continues, I continue learning about this painful, yet beautiful discipline. I learned two new exercises today. The fartlek (a Swedish term for "speed play"), [...]

Running Log — 0003 — New PB

Total lifetime tracked distance: 111 KM Today's run: 7 KM As you may remember from running log -- 0002, I mentioned that I was looking into joining a local running club. Well, I decided that I needed to increase my level of accountability with my running, and joining a club was exactly what I needed. [...]

Running Log — 0002

Total lifetime tracked distance: 106 KM Today's run: 4 KM Today was my first day back training after taking a few days off to let my body reset from the past month of running workouts. I decided that a track workout would be the best place to ease myself back into my running. With that [...]

Running Log — 0001

June 23, 2020 Total lifetime tracked distance: 102 km Today's Run: 2.8 KM Although this is the first running log I will be posting, this is not the first run that I have gone on. In the past five weeks, I have run a total of 102 kilometres (about 64 miles). I am not an [...]