Running Log — 0004 — If it doesn’t hurt, you aren’t working hard enough.

I never quite understood how elite athletes pushed their physical limits every single day. I understood the mentality, but, actually going through with it? That felt so very foreign. That was until I truly started pushing myself. It started just a few days ago. I thought I had pushed myself as hard as I could, [...]

Running Log — 0003 — New PB

Total lifetime tracked distance: 111 KM Today's run: 7 KM As you may remember from running log -- 0002, I mentioned that I was looking into joining a local running club. Well, I decided that I needed to increase my level of accountability with my running, and joining a club was exactly what I needed. [...]

Running Log — 0002

Total lifetime tracked distance: 106 KM Today's run: 4 KM Today was my first day back training after taking a few days off to let my body reset from the past month of running workouts. I decided that a track workout would be the best place to ease myself back into my running. With that [...]